jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2008

Tips for the last Eurodipity's day

Either if you have achived to get into the TOP 10 for the considered keyword, Eurodipity, or your site is walking between the TOP 100, today we have a good chance to think about what we are you going to do with your domain.

Just to avoid to waste a domain such as hoteldipity.com this time I have an idea on what I should do with eurodipity.com. In advance, the new site will be a blog, and if you want to know the main issue you just need to wait until tomorrow.

This time I promise I will invest enough time to work on something interesting. New business :) !!!

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Blogger comunactivo ha dicho...

La verdad es que esto del concurso es muy divertido! ;) Asi que hay que hacer ruido y jugar al "comunactivo" en http://comunactivo-hazruido.blogspot.com/

un saludo!

16 de octubre de 2008, 13:39  

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