jueves, 14 de agosto de 2008

Links: Quantity vs. Quality

Some weeks ago I was talking about links - what else? - with a SEO colleague. Usually people think you should get as many links as possible in order to rank properly for your desired keyword.

However really good SEOs know that Quality is by far more important than Quantity. If I could chose some links for this contest, I will just ask for 4 or 5 highquality links.

It is easy to check this idea. Just have a look at the rankings:

http://eurodipity.ch      - 30.029 Inlinks (based on yahoo)
http://www.eurodipity.com - 231 Inlinks (based on yahoo)

Which link would you take: google.es / elmundo.es / www.eurodipity.com :) ?

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Anonymous Anónimo ha dicho...

Where do you can see this?

15 de agosto de 2008, 13:03  
Anonymous Anónimo ha dicho...

Por la misma regla de tres y con un titula sensacionalista el contenido no valdria para nada ;)

Quizas haciendo una busqueda mas adecuada te saldria
(eurodipity.com )Enlaces a este dominio (62) vs (eurodipity.ch) Enlaces a este dominio (57)

Saludos y suerte

18 de agosto de 2008, 19:14  
Blogger Furious ha dicho...

It seems that eurodipity.ch has a lot of links coming from itself and a lot coming from blogrolls such as "Biboz".

Links like this don't push you up, and I don't rule out it is under penalization to have such links in blogrolls...

19 de agosto de 2008, 23:28  

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